International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples


Every year on August 9th, the United Nations celebrates the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, a holiday founded for the purpose of promoting and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples across the globe. There are an estimated 370 million people belonging to indigenous groups, making up about 5% of the world’s total population. Indigenous populations are usually defined as culturally distinct peoples that have deep ancestral roots to a region. Many of the 5,000 remaining indigenous populations living in 90 different countries have been marginalized and threatened by colonizing groups, and are still fighting for their right to ancestral land, and to live freely according to their traditions. In recent decades, indigenous populations have played a crucial role in creating and guiding environmentalist movements.

This year, the holiday’s theme is, “Bridging the Gap: implementing the rights of indigenous peoples.” According to the U.N.’s website, the theme “highlights the importance of implementing the rights of indigenous peoples through policies and programs at both the national and international level.” On Friday, August 8th, the U.N. will host a discussion panel in NYC that will be available for live stream between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. Promotion for the rights of indigenous peoples will continue next month with the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples on September 22nd and 23rd.

Global Goods Partners cares greatly about the survival and revitalization of indigenous peoples. Many of our partners, including Artesania Sorata, Alma de los Andes, AAA, Omba Arts Trust, Pampa Brava, MWEDO, Aj Quen, Uniqueland, and CREATA, work directly with indigenous women and their communities in order to improve their social and political standings in their respective countries, and in order to revive their pre-colonial cultural heritages through the creation of products that reflect aspects of their traditional beliefs, practices, and aesthetics. Buying fair trade products from these organizations gives them the financial means necessary to build their communities, and subsequently strengthen their cultural, linguistic, and ethnic presence in their homelands.



Did You Know? #FairTuesday

During the month of August the ethical shopping movement, #FairTuesday, is raising money to make it easier for consumers to find and purchase items that make a difference.  What is #FairTuesday you ask?

# · Fair ·Tues · day \ˈfer t(y)o͞ozˌdā\  noun

(a) an ethical shopping initiative created in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

(b) the inspiration of conscious consumerism


As cliche as it sounds, we all have the power to make a difference in our world. Rarely do we think about where our goods come from. When we need something, we simply go to the store, or online to purchase it. Unfortunately, that cute dress, or new pair of sneakers you just bought may have come from the abuse or oppression of an adult or child who doesn’t get paid enough to even buy what s/he makes. Fortunately, people have turned adversity into advocacy! By establishing organizations and lobbying for regulations, people are changing the way we trade and consume! Organizations such as…..







These fair trade organizations work incessantly to ensure that the products they make available to you are ethical in every aspect of their production. The apparel from Mata Traders are handmade all over the world using various traditional artistic processes. Global Goods Partners works with women-led development initiatives to sell handcrafted jewelry, and accessories. Madecasse produces chocolate within Madagascar to provide jobs, and increase economic development! These examples depict only 3 of the 135 other organizations who are making a difference within the Fair Tuesday network!

With the utilization of crowdfunding , The Fair Tuesday team is counting on any and every donation to raise money for the creation and maintenance of a new website. This website will serve as a one-stop-shop for ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly shopping! How amazing is that?!

Be a soldier for social good, and visit the awesome #FairTuesday  funding website at Any donation is accepted, and every donation receives a cool reward just to say thank you! Donations will only be accepted during the month of August, so donate today and follow the movement on twitter: @FairTuesday!

[Intern Picks] Yoo Mi picks a tote bag, bracelets, and a scarf!


I cannot believe the end of summer is upon us; it seems like just yesterday that I began my internship at Global Goods Partners! It has been an amazing summer working in the GGP office and learning so much about this not-for-profit organization and the entire industry. Amidst everything that I have learned this summer, I’ve also had a lot of fun—especially when new products come in! All the interns have the wonderful chance to take a sneak peak at new items from around the world and offer our feedback to our supervisors. Now, we have this wonderful chance to share our favorites with you!

I adore tote bags. They’re cute and practical to carry everything you need to class, to a conference, on a small trip, or just everyday needs. This Summer Jute Tote from India is so sturdy—with a great design—that I can’t wait to use it! I can definitely carry my laptop in the bag, along with all my other essentials, and not be worried about the bag breaking. It’s bright colors make the bag stand out amongst all others, which is always a plus.

I used to be all about accessories—watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.—but just recently stopped wearing everything to go for a more natural/simplified look. However, when these Guatemalan Bracelets came into the office, my love for jewelry was renewed. I eventually bought the set of five (5!) bracelets (two silver, three multi-color beads) and have worn them all summer (I literally have not removed them from my wrist since I purchased them). Some days I can stack on all five for a fun and colorful feel, or I can just wear the two silver ones to tone it down a bit. Either way, I have gotten so many compliments on these bracelets!

Lastly, when Joan—a co-founder of GGP—came to the office mid-July, she was wearing this great khaki dress with this Tie-Dye Scarf from Cambodia. It looked amazing! This scarf is so light that it can be wrapped multiple times around your neck without becoming bulky—a perfect neck accessory. It takes a very special and specific type of scarf to accomplish this look, but it can be done (for anyone) with this scarf. Or, I have found that you can wear the scarf a little more loosely and let it become a thicker, bold-statement type of necklace. It’s great for creating a neckline with a crew-neck shirt, dress, and more. This is another piece that I have incorporated into so many outfits; it’s a great pop of color without the weight of big necklaces.

Every time I use/wear these items, I’m reminded of Global Goods Partners’ great work around the world. I think of the women artisans working so diligently to produce beautiful items to create a better life for themselves and their family. Check out the website to choose your favorite products, especially for an upcoming birthday or the holidays that will be upon in just a few short months!

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