Holiday Gift Guide

Global Goods Partners has got everyone on your list covered! This year, try something new with meaningful gifts that will make a difference, not only to those who are receiving them, but also to those involved in the process of making them. Support fair trade and motivate others to do so as well. By giving these great gifts you are teaching your children, friends and other loved ones the value of ethical consumerism.

Here are some Global Goods Partners gift suggestions:

For your kids


Felt Snowman Ornament, Felt Reindeer Ornament, Alpaca Baby Hat and Booties, Animal Bag for Kids, Handmade Holiday Teddy Bear, Felt Holiday Stockings

For your teenage daughter/niece 


Purple Friendship Bracelet SetMidnight Beaded Wrap Bracelet, Purple Silk Scarf, Ikat Crossbody Bag with Leather Trim, Silver Beaded Double Wrap Bracelet, String Bracelet 

For you mother-in-law


Aluminum Grass Weave Bowl, Green Floral Silk Journal, Indian Block Print Apron, Alpaca Shawl, Beaded Snowflake Holiday Ornaments, Hand Painted Star Ornament Set.

For your best friend 


Bright Alpaca Shawl, Afghan Jewel Tone Chain Purse, Education Blossoms Gift Set, Bright Woven Grass Tray, Beaded Angel Ornament, Silk Knotted Necklaces.


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