It’s Getting Cold Outside: The best investments of the season

With autumn already here and winter right around the corner, it is crucial to start prepping up for those icy-cold months the right way, the alpaca way. Of course it’s important to purchase a thick, chunky coat for this time of year but many people don’t realize the importance of covering up your chest and neck. Interestingly enough, the neck is one of the most overlooked sources of heat loss, considering that around 40 percent of our body heat can be lost from the surface of our head and neck. If you really want to keep warm and avoid the common cold or the flu this season, you should definitely get in the habit of wearing a scarf, a proper scarf.

Have you ever bought a cute scarf but then realized it was the most impractical garment in your closet? Well, it happened to me quite frequently as a college student, basing my scarf selection process solely on aesthetic appeal and low pricing. The end result: discomfort, slight itching, and multiple common colds.  Everything changed when I discovered the Alpaca Scarf on Global Goods Partners.

Image                Image

From personal experience I can honestly tell you, alpaca scarves are one of the best investments you’ll make. What it all boils down to is material and quality. The alpaca fiber strength is superior to any other material such as cotton or wool, making these scarves durable and less likely to tear or rip. And what I mean by durable is a couple of decades, if not more.  Moreover, each of these scarves are intricately hand-woven in Bolivia and dyed in brilliant colors using natural herbs, walnuts, and cochineal. This is huge! Natural processing results in a hypoallergenic product, meaning that these scarves will not irritate your skin or contribute to any other skin conditions, as opposed to the cheaper scarves I mentioned previously.

Check out this multifunctional Alpaca Shawl-Scarf: wear it as a scarf for a more casual, chic look or as a shawl for a more classy and refined look. 

Image            Image

It is important that you take into consideration health issues associated with the clothes you buy, specifically scarves. Look at the tags on you, your friend’s, your daughter’s H&M or Forever 21 scarf: 22% nylon, 78% acrylic, or something along those lines. Did you know that chemically treated natural and synthetic fabrics are a source of toxins that adversely affect your health and the health of the planet? It is vital for us to learn more about where our everyday clothes come from and how they are being made. Not only will this benefit us as individuals, but it will also benefit those involved in the process.

What I mean by this is that for instance, alpaca scarves are not only a good individual investment for the consumer, but also for the amazing women who produce these products. By purchasing these scarves and a whole other range of fair trade products, you are making a social investment to significantly improve the lives of impoverished female artisans all over the globe.

Shop wisely this season. Stay warm without compromising your style, health, or the opportunity of a better life for impoverished women all over the world.


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