Did You Know? #FairTuesday

During the month of August the ethical shopping movement, #FairTuesday, is raising money to make it easier for consumers to find and purchase items that make a difference.  What is #FairTuesday you ask?

# · Fair ·Tues · day \ˈfer t(y)o͞ozˌdā\  noun

(a) an ethical shopping initiative created in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

(b) the inspiration of conscious consumerism


As cliche as it sounds, we all have the power to make a difference in our world. Rarely do we think about where our goods come from. When we need something, we simply go to the store, or online to purchase it. Unfortunately, that cute dress, or new pair of sneakers you just bought may have come from the abuse or oppression of an adult or child who doesn’t get paid enough to even buy what s/he makes. Fortunately, people have turned adversity into advocacy! By establishing organizations and lobbying for regulations, people are changing the way we trade and consume! Organizations such as…..







These fair trade organizations work incessantly to ensure that the products they make available to you are ethical in every aspect of their production. The apparel from Mata Traders are handmade all over the world using various traditional artistic processes. Global Goods Partners works with women-led development initiatives to sell handcrafted jewelry, and accessories. Madecasse produces chocolate within Madagascar to provide jobs, and increase economic development! These examples depict only 3 of the 135 other organizations who are making a difference within the Fair Tuesday network!

With the utilization of crowdfunding , The Fair Tuesday team is counting on any and every donation to raise money for the creation and maintenance of a new website. This website will serve as a one-stop-shop for ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly shopping! How amazing is that?!

Be a soldier for social good, and visit the awesome #FairTuesday  funding website at http://wedid.it/campaigns/385. Any donation is accepted, and every donation receives a cool reward just to say thank you! Donations will only be accepted during the month of August, so donate today and follow the movement on twitter: @FairTuesday!


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