High Five for Handmade!


In this era of mass-production, there is a section of the market that focuses on creating change through consumerism. The Fair Trade movement is increasingly gaining momentum, as consumers are becoming more cognizant of the power of their purchases. Consequently, handmade goods are gaining popularity, thereby providing artisans–both domestically and internationally–a market to sell their goods. 


Fair trade handmade goods are better for the world socially, economically, and environmentally. So why should you buy handmade? Here are just a few reasons: 


Support women living in marginalized communities around the worldIt has been established that investing in women and girls can lead to resolving developmental issues in society (i.e. issues related to health, education, economy, infant mortality, and food security). Buying that cute beaded clutch is more than a boost in your wardrobe, but it is also a boost in the quality of life for a woman, her family, and her community! 


Handmade = Pride + Quality + Care. Have you ever received a gift from a friend that they created themselves? You can see their face boasting with pride when they hand the gift over. Why? Because they spent a good amount of time, thought, and energy into what they’re giving to you. Our artisan partners employ women who take pride in their work! They know that people will be using their products, and want the buyer to have the best feeling when they receive it! When someone puts that much pride and care into their work, you can rest assured that its of high quality. It’s a transaction of mutual satisfaction: happy customer = happy producer! 


Factory Not Included: The tragic collapse of the garment factory in Dhaka, India highlighted the high cost of cheap labor. It is no secret that mass-produced factory goods are the cheapest medium for large companies to generate products at a reduced cost. The low-cost, however, compromises the safety of the working conditions maintained in these factories. Handmade goods are usually fair trade meaning that producers are receiving a fair price for their products, which are produced in sustainable ways and in conditions.  


Be trendy! Get a one-of-a-kind design! Why look like everyone else, when you can rock your own unique sense of style! Handmade goods offer you an avenue for fashionable distinction. You wont see 10,000 replicas of that cute embroidered necklace, and because each product is crafted by hand, no 2 items are truly alike (think, snowflake)! GGP products have the added cosmopolitan factor as well. Our products range from almost 20 different countries, which reflect a variety of cultures and designs. Exude your exclusivity and rock products with character!


Support traditional means of production. At one point in time, being a craftsman or an artisan was one of the most revered and reveled professions. It takes a lot of skill and talent to be able to weave blades of grass into a beautiful basket. The advent of technology as overshadowed the beauty of craftsmanship. However, with organizations like GGP and West Elm, the appreciation and preservation of traditional artisanal works are bringing the relevance of such items back into the market!


The environment will thank you! Reduce your carbon footprint, and support  a green way of production. Fair trade handifcrafts are made in green conditions, usually via sustainable means and materials. Upcycling, for example, takes “reusable” to a whole new level! Materials, which we usually discard, are used to make an entirely new product! How creative! Check out GGP’s Upcycled Wire Wrist Band and Glitter Clutch for a visual! 


YOU ARE MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE! Feel good about yourself and your shopping by supporting the livelihood of both local and international artisans. With GGP products, your purchase helps to economically empower women in developing nations, and–in doing so–uplift their communities. Who knew retail therapy could heal the world!




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