Women of Steel: GGP’s Weekend at the SHE Summit

Behind every great superman is a superwoman. More importantly, behind every great superwoman are other superwomen. Women are an essential driving force in the world socially, politically, and economically, and as time progresses, the significance of a woman’s role in society is becoming increasingly apparent.


Global Goods Partners had the fortune of being among a handful of vendors who promoted and supported women’s wellness & empowerment at Claudia Chan’s scintillating SHE Summit. Set within the enchanting brick walls of the 82Mercer Conference Center in SoHo, the SHE Summit provided its attendees with two days of empowering panels, lectures, and presentations from influential and remarkable women leaders.

The Twitter-verse was buzzing with quotable moments and takeaways from the conference, but perhaps it was entrepreneur and coordinator of the SHE Summit—Claudia Chan—who said it best in summarizing this weekend’s ethos:


It is this philosophy that drives the cause & mission of Global Goods Partners: “to improve the economic status of women in marginalized communities around the world.” Countless studies prove that women’s economic and social empowerment is positively correlated with a society’s economic prosperity, health, population development, and security. Let us continue to support; let us continue to empower; and let us continue to fuel the fire of the female’s finesse.

Global Goods Partners: Buy Handmade, Change Women’s Lives


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