International Earth Day

Happy International Earth Day! Here at Global Goods Partners we are constantly working toward making the world a greener place with our Eco-friendly products!

Instead of ending up in landfill, these rice bags are being put to good use by way of our Reversible Tote Bags! Made out of recycled rice bags and featuring bright, floral fabric on one side along with sturdy recycled rice bag on the other, they are bright, fun and practical. The purchase of one also pays for a  Cambodian child to eat four nutritious meals at Friends-International education and training centers. We love these bags because they not only positively impact the environment, but the life of a child as well!

Picture 14

Our Glitter Wallets are made from recycled candy wrappers and potato chip bags and are also super stylish and fun! Instead of polluting waterways, these recycled materials make for a great item that can be used both during the day or for a fun evening out. What’s more, buying just one wallet provides a set of school books to a disadvantaged child in Cambodia. What more of an incentive do we need to shop Eco-friendly and fair trade?

Picture 15

We have several more amazing Eco-friendly products to help get you into the Earth Day spirit this year. Visit our website at to start making a difference!


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