An International Women’s Day Success Story

Remember Marcelina?

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 11.24.05 AM

Some of you may remember Marcelina, an artisan who worked with our partner in Cusco, Peru – Mantay. We shared her inspirational story two years ago, and now there’s even more to share!

We recently checked in with Marcelina and were thrilled to discover that she now owns her own business. In addition to learning valuable skills pertaining to leather making, Marcelina tells us that her time at Mantay also taught her “how to improve quality control, advertising strategies and developing a brand,” which are skills that have enabled her to become an independent business woman. IMG_8686

Marcelina isn’t stopping there. She would eventually like to create her own brand and sell her merchandise in a commercial center.  Her children  serve as her inspiration to continue striving to  fulfill her goals.  She tells us, “I would like to have the resources to prepare my oldest son to go to university and so that my little daughter can have a good education in a good college.”


Marcelina still works part-time with Mantay. The organization holds a special in her heart. She tells us that “buying these products allows you to join with single mothers to provide more work for them. I feel identified with the [Mantay] brand because it has a special meaning for me.”

Marcelina is a perfect example of why we celebrate International Women’s Day. She is certainly an inspiration to us all here at GGP!


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