Gone Rural’s Serious Commitment to Sustainability

Why do we love Gone Rural so much here are Global Goods Partners? Well, many reasons of course. The organization employs 700 women in Swaziland, helps alleviate poverty in rural communities through fair trade practices, and runs HIV/AIDS support and women’s literacy programs in the communities they work in. As if I had to add more! But there is another fantastic reason we just love Gone Rural – every aspect of the craft production is sustainable and eco-friendly!

First, when the wiry Lutindzi grass used to make products is harvested, the women carefully leave the roots in the soil to ensure the regrowth of grass for the following year. This technique alleviates an unnecessary burden on local natural resources.

Second, Gone Rural employs women which creates sustainable livelihoods for them and their families. Most of these women care for an average of 8 children and 80% rely on Gone Rural as their sole income.

Third, to color their products, Gone Rural only uses dyes that meet strict eco requirements. Their supplier of 20 years, Dystar, specializes in low-impact dyes and partners with organizations that put sustainability at the center of their business model. These eco-friendly dyes don’t just reduce environmental impact, they’re also the safest choice on the market for the women to use.

There is more than meets the eye with these Gone Rural products. Yes, they are gorgeous, but they also give back to communities and don’t take away from the environment.


One thought on “Gone Rural’s Serious Commitment to Sustainability

  1. Gone Rural sounds like a fabulous organization. I am a huge supporter of fair trade and helping the movement. Seeing artisans get a chance to provide for their families by making some beautiful crafts and artwork is just amazing. Fair trade really seems to be doing good in Swaziland, South America, Madagascar, etc. I hope it continues to spread to other less fortunate countries.

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