Updates from Mt. Sinai

Last year we told you about the inspiring work of high school student, Phoebe Kimmelman.  Phoebe sold sets of Global Goods Partners’ fair trade lacquered bangles from India to raise funds for portable DVD players for patients being treated at the Mount Sinai Dubin Breast Center.  But Phoebe didn’t stop there:  she also convinced Warner Brothers Studios to donate a DVD library for her cause.

Phoebe’s fundraising efforts earned her a Congressional Certificate of Recognition from District Representative Gracey Stoddard to honor her work.  Her award commemorates her “dedication to public service and her outstanding philanthropic work improving patient care and quality of life in Mt. Sinai’s Dubin Breast Center and Weiner Family Palliative Care Unit.”


Pictured, from left to right: Dr. Charles Kimmelman; Mrs. Mikey Kimmelman; Gracey Stoddard, District Representative; Phoebe Kimmelman; Dr. Gabrielle Goldberg; and Dr. George Raptis


Since then, Phoebe has continued her work and has now reached her goal of raising enough money to purchase the DVD players.  On September 4, 2012 she donated the DVD players and video library to Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Child Life Program.  Because of Phoebe’s efforts, children’s hospital stays are much brighter.  Movies viewed on the DVD players comfort children during their visits to outpatient hematology, the oncology clinic, and the emergency room.

Phoebe sold GGP’s Two-Tone Bangles from India found here: https://www.globalgoodspartners.org/cart/Details.cfm?ProdID=491&category=0

GGP is so proud of Phoebe, and we hope she inspires you to change people’s lives in your community and abroad.   Have your own fair trade cause?  Email us at info@globalgoodspartners.org for fundraising collaborations!


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