Update from Mantay: Renovations

La Casa de Acogida Mantay is one of our artisan partners in Peru. Mantay is a refuge for teenage mothers who have been victims of abuse and are unable to stay with their families. Mantay provides young mothers and their children with accommodation, food, clothing, medical care, counseling, basic education, parental guidance, legal counseling and vocational training. As part of the vocational training program, inhabitants apprentice at a leather workshop on the grounds, and once they turn 18 they transition out of the home, but can return to work full-time in the leather workshop. Since Mantay was founded in May of 2000, more than 300 children and adolescent mothers have passed through the home.

We recently awarded Mantay with a grant to help them renovate a restroom that had leaking pipes and water damage in order to improve living conditions for the residents. Work began in January and the restroom has been functional since the end of April.
There are now four showers, three toilets for adults and two children, and three sinks (two at a height for adults and one for children). The new sinks have automatic shut-off keys to save water and the bathroom was repainted with anti-moisture paint to ensure that steam from the showers does not damage the roof. The size of the window was also expanded to improve ventilation.

Check out these great photos of kids at Mantay showing off the newly renovated restroom:

We also received this amazing message of thanks from Mantay regarding our contribution:

“THANKS to all the team at Global Goods Partners, for the trust you have placed in our project, contributing to the stability of the bridge, which is the guesthouse Mantay, for our young mothers between their past and future they wish to pursue.”

Learn more about Mantay and the goods they produce here.


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