How Our Partners are Changing Their Communities

Our partner organizations not only produce beautifully handcrafted products, they also work on community development projects to affect positive change by promoting education, global health, and equal rights.

Here is a snapshot of what a few of our partners are doing in their communities.


El Hombre Sobre La Tierra works in a region of Mexico with a significant Mayan population. In these areas, women are often marginalized and are not able to take advantage of many opportunities outside the home. El Hombre Sobre La Tierra provides educational training programs for women in fields such as administration, marketing, IT, accounting, sustainable agriculture, and craft production.

Help support their training programs buy purchasing beautiful embroidered jewelry and bags.


Global Health

INEZA is an association of 24 grassroots organizations in Rwanda. They strive to increase access to health care for women and children impacted by genocide. They have seen over 5,000 patients at their three free clinics where they provide anti-retroviral medicine, counseling, and referrals to other AIDS clinics.

They fund these clinics by selling handmade earrings and accessories.


Equal Rights

The Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA) works in Pakistan advocating for women’s rights. PODA provides training courses for women during which they explain topics such as women’s rights under Pakistan’s constitution and options for combatting domestic violence. They also advocate on behalf of women who have been denied education and internally-displaced persons who have limited mobility in the country.

PODA makes papier mache crafts to promote sustainable income generation.



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