Independence Day: Fair Trade-Style

Just because our products come from all around the world, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate July 4th fair trade-style!  Check out these great products and test your knowledge of how other countries celebrate their independence.

Show your spirit with these Beaded Hoop Earrings from South Africa

Although South Africa gained its independence from Great Britain on May 31, 1910, South Africans celebrate Freedom Day on April 27th of each year.  This national holiday pays tribute to the country’s first democratic election held in 1994.

Make floral fireworks with these Fair Trade Felt Flowers from Nepal

Because Nepal was never colonized, it has no official independence day.  However, the Nepalese celebrate Prithvi Jayanti on January 11th to remember the birth of King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who united various territories to form modern-day Nepal.

This Fabric Bracelet Set from Pakistan is a perfect summer accessory with a Fourth of July twist!

Pakistanis celebrate their independence every year on August 14th by tuning into speeches delivered by national leaders, taking part in flag hoisting ceremonies, enjoying food and entertainment with family, and watching light shows displayed on buildings.

Get picnic-ready with this large Cotton Sarong Purse and these Colorful Silk Scarves from Cambodia

 The Cambodian Independence Day, celebrated on November 9th, is famous for its colorful festivals, fireworks, and parades throughout the country.

These Broken Bangle Tea Light Holders from India make the perfect table topper at your July 4th cookout!

India’s Independence Day is held on August 15th and is celebrated by flag hoisting ceremonies, the Prime Minister’s National Address, colorful kites, and costumes honoring historic Indian figures.


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