Fair Trade Travel

Summer is a great time to take a vacation. It’s an even better time to buy fair trade travel accessories to make your trip especially fun, fashionable, and socially conscious.

Handmade Luggage Tags from Peru

Use these luggage tags to add a pop of color to your bags so they’re easy to spot and stylish to carry.

Eco-Friendly Journals from India and the Thailand-Burma Border

Keep track of all of your adventures by writing in these fun and compact journals.

Toiletry Cases from Peru and Cambodia

These bags are a great way to pack all of your toiletries and cosmetics and still make a fashion statement.

Tote Bags from Mexico and the Thailand-Burma Border

Stash everything you need for a day at the beach or time spent sight-seeing in these large and colorful totes.

Scarves from India

These scarves are thin and light to pack and they make great coverups and add warmth for evenings out.

Glitter Passport Cover from Cambodia









Use this sparkly cover to keep track of your passport while traveling.


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