Behind the Scenes: Staff Favorites

The GGP fashionistas showcase their

favorite fair trade accessories!

Marketing Intern, Kelly, in her Bottle Top Tassel and Clay Earrings made in Swaziland!

Operations Director, Sara, sporting Double Square Beaded Earrings from Tanzania, a Silk Scarf from Cambodia, and a Floral Print Bracelet from Pakistan!

Operations Intern, Julia, dawning a Silk Knotten Necklace from Cambodia, and African Beaded Bangles from South Africa!

Executive Director, Jennifer, rocking a Bold Bangle from India, a Felt Round Red Flower Pin from Nepal, and Seed Bead Earrings from Tanzania!

Social Media Intern, Tanya, in a Tie-Dye Scarf from Cambodia, Fabric Wrapped Bangles from Pakistan, and a Neon Silver Beaded Wrap Bracelet from Guatemala!

And our littlest GGPer, Eve, in her Baby Bunny Hat from Bolivia!


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