The Mystical Viscose

Viscose is a man-made plant cellusose that breathes like cotton and feels like nylon with silk-like qualites. Therein lies the mystical nature of viscose – it isn’t totally natural, but neither is it totally synthetic. Made with the cellulose of wood pulp, it is the perfect blend of man and nature. Eco-fabric at its best, it is a regeneration of natural materials.

Its style appeal?

Aside from the fact that it can be made to look like wool, silk, cotton or linen, and is made like polyester, it is a fabric with its own unique characteristics. It is lower maintainence than cotton –  no need to tumble dry this textile. And becuase viscose requires lower tempreture water for washing, the enviormental impact is reduced compared to cotton. Addionally, it surpasses cotton in thermal protection, softness, static disspation, luster, and the list goes on.

Viscose has made its mark in comtemporary fashion. Designers from Ferregamo to Mui Mui to H&M have incorporated this material into their collections. Spun to make both clothing and jewelery, this textile is popping up everywhere.

Fall Leaves Necklace

Global Goods Partners carries a selection of viscose products from around the world. Some shopper favorites include the Fabric Jewlery line from Mexico and Black and White scarf from India.

Black and White Scarf

The future of fashion is undoubltely linked to viscose.


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