The Comeback of Colored Cotton

Have you heard of colored cotton? No, we aren’t talking about white cotton that has been dyed, but organic naturally pigmented cotton!

Naturally-colored cotton is making a revival.  You will find this specialty cotton popping up in designer boutiques across America and Europe. Not only does this naturally pigmented cotton come in gorgeous shades of red, green, and brown, but it’s also environmentally friendly since it is chemical- free!

Colored cotton was cultivated 5,000 years ago by the indigenous tribes of Central and South America. However, with the advent of the cotton gin combined with the cheaper cost of producing white cotton, colored crops were wiped out and replaced with commercial varieties. Luckily, these rare seeds were saved in seed banks in South America, so today we can enjoy this ancient textile!

Today, Peru is the main producer of this unique crop. Our Peruvian partner, Manuelo Ramos, has been creating adorable stuffed animals for Global Goods Partners using 100% cotton yarn.  Maybe, with the reemergence of colored cottons, someday Manuela Ramos with be weaving stuffed bunnies with this wonderful revived crop! Check out Manuela’s goods on our webiste by cicking the link below.


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