Fair Trade Bracelets for Change

Imagine a bracelet that changes the life of a Guatemalan rural family . . . forever. That is what these BRACELETS FOR CHANGE do!!! In collaboration with our partner from Guatemala, Wakami, we teamed up with Hayley to launch a new program at her school–New York’s The Brearley School–that will change lives in Guatemala.

With the purchase of each bracelet you provide a job and income for rural women in Guatemala, eager to feed and educate their children and partner with a Guatemalan woman to split the cost of providing clean water, healthy food, and a safe home for her and her family. Each bracelet buys a different product:

  • Earth (dark brown) 4 bracelets = 1 organic garden to grow nutritious herbs and vegetables
  • Water (dark blue) 6 bracelets = 1 eco-filter for water to keep bacteria out and the family healthy
  • Sky (light blue) 34 bracelets = 1 solar energy kit (two light bulbs and a phone charger) to help with homework and chores once the sun goes down
  • Fire (rust) 18 bracelets = 1 smokeless stove to keep the home cleaner and healthier

Hayley and fellow students at Brearley are trying to sell 600 bracelets to provide clean water, clean air, electricity, and fresh vegetables to 60 people!! Let us know if you’re interested in starting a Bracelets for Change program at your school.

Buy the bracelets online>>


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