Fair Trade Empowering Women in Nepal

Human trafficking is a growing problem in all parts of the world, and despite the increased action by the law enforcement, criminals are rarely prosecuted and victims seldom freed. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime states that every year the traffickers make tens of billions of dollars by transporting, selling, and exploiting children, women, and men.

News like this can leave us wondering: Is the anything we can do to combat crimes against humanity? One leading cause for human trafficking in developing countries is the extreme economic hardship that many communities endure. We at Global Goods Partners hope to prevent some of these atrocities by providing more economic opportunities for women, who are too often at risk of being marginalized, recruited, and transported to miserable conditions. It’s a micro-level way to alleviate global problems.

A great example is our partner group Friends Handicraft in Kathmandu, Nepal. Human trafficking in the region is rampant due to fast urbanization, poverty, and a high demand for young women in the neighboring countries, India and China. The women at Friends Handicraft have become financially more independent and secure as a result of their artisan collaboration. The group uses traditional Nepalese felt to make beautiful accessories, all according to fair trade principles. To learn more about the impact that Friends Handicraft has on the community, visit our website, or check out an interview with Vinita, one of the young women from Friends Handicraft.


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