The Wonders of Weaving

Thank you to everyone who helped make our collaborative event last Thursday at Weaving Hand in Brooklyn such a success!  We are so grateful to the lovely Cynthia at Weaving Hand for making this event a reality.  After a little schmoozing, we screened a short video from our Bolivian partner Asociación de Artesanos Andinos.  We were so lucky to have Patricio and Carmen from Asociación de Artesanos Andinos at the event, because they spoke to us about the process of weaving from start to finish.  There were also a ton of great questions after Patricio and Carmen spoke. Getting the chance to learn about the practice of weaving, culturally and from a design perspective, was great background before we saw the backstrap loom demonstration by weavers from Desgua, a group that bridges community networks in Guatemala and the United States through social change projects. While we can all appreciate the beauty of a finished woven product that we might see in a store, seeing the dexterity of the weavers while they worked on the looms is a great reminder of how much work goes into handwoven products. We hope that everyone who came had a great time and went home with a wealth of knowledge about weaving!


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