Gone Rural in Swaziland










Women in rural Swaziland face enormous challenges.  Though the country is considered one of Africa’s most prosperous, economic opportunity is concentrated in urban areas. Swazi men commonly leave the country to seek work in South Africa, leaving their wives behind to care for their large families. The country has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world—the CIA World Factbook estimated that as of 2009, 25.9% of the population is living with HIV or AIDS.


Gone Rural is our Swazi partner dedicated to helping women by providing them with education, healthcare resources, and skills so that they don’t remain impoverished. The organization is now working with over 700 women in 13 communities in Swaziland and making a huge difference in these women’s lives.  The products on our website will show you the incredible basket weaving techniques these women are able to sustain their families with through the help of Gone Rural.  As part of our grant-making program, we will be helping to provide the women of Tibane Community with potable water, sanitation facilities, and training for proper hygiene practices through Gone Rural’s WASH Lavumisa Project. Don’t forget to take a look at the vibrantly woven Gone Rural products on our website!


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