Partnering with Friends International!

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll remember our post on June 22nd highlighting our collaboration with Hygieas.  For those readers who missed that post, we’re glad to catch you up! For our collaboration with Hygieas, we asked our fantastic partner Friends International to make customized recycled paper bracelets specifically for Hygieas’ NYC launch.  All of the launch attendees loved the bracelets, not surprising because they’re incredibly unique!

With so many exciting events and collaborations at Global Goods Partners, we always want to make sure that our supporters know about the artisans we’re working with so we can share their stories with you.  All of our partners do amazing work, and we are thrilled to tell you a little bit about the Cambodian-based Friends International.  Founded in 1994, Friends International focuses their efforts on helping support marginalized children and their families living in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Honduras, Mexico, and Myanmar.  By teaching the parents of at-risk youth how to make bags and jewelry using materials like newspapers, magazines, sarong fabric, and rice bags, Friends International is able to drastically improve lives by providing parents with a stable, dependable income so that their children can go to school.  Friends International not only teaches parents skills to earn a livelihood, they also provide access to health care, education, and counseling services.

There are over 10,000 street children in Phnom Penh, a staggering number highlighting the truly important work of Friends International.  One of the things we do at Global Goods Partners is grantmaking, and Friends International is one of the most recent grant recipients! Our grant is to support their Medical Resources Program, which provides basic medical care to nearly 7,000 youth living and working on the streets of Phnom Penh.  To come full circle and see how the skills Friends International teaches turn into amazing Fair Trade products, take a look at the beautiful Friends International items on our website.


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