Heshima Kenya and World Refugee Day

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Today, June 20th, marks the annually recognized World Refugee Day.  As such, we at Global Goods Partners thought it would be a great opportunity to tell you a little bit about our amazing partner, Heshima Kenya.  The naming of this organization was very deliberate because Heshima is the word in Swahili for honor, respect, or dignity, and restoration of human dignity is Heshima’s mission.  The organization endeavors to fulfill its mission by providing assistance to unaccompanied refugees arriving in Kenya as minors. To foster the growth and potential of these young refugees, Heshima grants them housing, education, medical care, and teaches them skills that will help them become self sufficient.  By providing these services, Heshima empowers young refugees and offers them resources to restart their lives in Nairobi.  Through Heshima’s Maisha Collective, young refugee girls and women make beautiful tie dyed scarves.  The skills they are able to gain learning the processes to create the scarves ensure them a livelihood.  You can see the amazing quality and gorgeous colors of the scarves on our website here: http://bit.ly/mtwAQQ. By purchasing these scarves, you can help do your part on World Refugee Day to help victims of war and national unrest.


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