Manuela Ramos: Creating Jobs and Opportunity in Peru

Lucia Viviana is from Azangaro, Puno. She is the leader of Jerusalen, and organization that works in handicrafts and runs a popular restaurant that also allows members of the group alternate employment and enhanced nutrition.

Manuela Ramos provides human rights training to indigenous women artisans in the poorest areas of Peru, and markets the alpaca wool and cotton stuffed toys they knit by hand. The organization’s name, comparable to Jane Doe in the U.S., pays homage to the millions of women who anonymously and selflessly contribute to the development of their communities. The Manuela Ramos Casa de la Mujer Artesana program in the Puno region provides Quechua and Aymara women with opportunities to earn a living wage through fair trade production and acts as vehicle for economic development and women’s solidarity. Here’s what Manuela Ramos has to say about International Women’s Day:

March 8 is a day for commemoration and reflection.  It is a day to celebrate our multiple differences and capacities, our commitment to a dignified and free life for women. The road towards gender equality is long, and our perseverance to build a more just and democratic society does not wear out.”
Click here to learn more about Manuela Ramos and purchase their products >>

These artisans recently completed a workshop in Chucuito, Puno on Quality Standards for Knits for Export.


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