Voices from Bolivia, the Women of Artesania Sorata

Artesania Sorata is an artisan cooperative that supports fair trade by employing local indigenous women to produce eco-friendly textiles using natural vegetable dyes. Each piece is representative of cultural symbols and values. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Artesania interviewed many of the women that have worked for years making the cozy creations that keep us warm through the winter, like our popular knit fingerless gloves.

Watch the full Spanish-language video below, but here are some excerpts:

“I wish my co-workers and the women [of Bolivia] health, plenty of work, and that there’s bread every day.” Ivon Sosa, Artesania Sorata, Bolivia

“Working with the embroidery of Artesania Sorata has helped me a lot—financially and also with my children’s education. Its helped me in taking care of my children because I do the work from home, I don’t have to go out, so I can take care of my children and make sure they are educated.” Julia Chipana Palle, Artesania Sorata, Bolivia

The first things that I want to people who buy the knits that I make, the first things I want them to feel and say is “ how beautiful is this piece, look at the life, how beautiful it is!” Victoria Fernandez, Artesania Sorata, Bolivia

(video produced by Michael Sullian)

Click here to learn more about Artesania Sorata and purchase their products >>

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