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Though we are small-staffed, most days are a hubbub of activity at Global Goods Partners’ NY offices because of the cadre of great volunteers that make all that we do possible. We thought it would be interesting for our readers to hear more from the people who are inspired to donate their time and skills.

We met Rob Tsai through Catchafire, a start-up that matches skills-based volunteers with nonprofits that need their services. Here’s more from Rob about his project and why he wanted to work with us:

“Hello, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the
Global Goods Partners community.

I was recently matched as a volunteer with GGP to conduct a market
analysis, through the volunteer matching service Catchafire.   I’ve
been working with Jennifer Gootman on conducting analyses to answer
strategic questions on the business – including the size of the total
addressable market, growth rates and market segmentations.

My background includes having worked in management consulting,
investment banking, strategic planning and software solution sales.
I’m really excited by the opportunity to apply some of my business
skills in a way that helps create positive social change in this
world.  While I appreciate that we are using the same tools and
approaches to solving standard business questions such as how to
define your customer segments, how to measure and improve loyalty, how
to improve brand awareness, how to increase customer engagement and
conversions – it’s really refreshing to know that at the end of it
all, there are clear and measurable impacts from this business
(whether it’s measured in number of kids sent to school, or number of
jobs created or number of meals provided).

This mission is even more critical today.  While there are certainly
several benefits the advancements of world trade and globalization,
it’s clear that the economic growth (and now decline) of the last
twenty years have left numerous communities and populations behind.  I
believe that social enterprises like GGP serve an important need and
social purpose.  By bringing handmade goods to the U.S. market and
partnering with artisan organizations that pay fair living wages and
encourage community development, GGP is offering consumers a new way
to vote with their wallet for the ideals that matter to them.”

Thanks Rob!


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