Former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet appointed to head UN Women

Michelle Bachelet has been chosen as the new Under-Secretary-General of UN Women—a newly formed body that unites the work of UN agencies dedicated to women’s issues. As a qualified and strong leader, Bachelet will be working for the future of women’s rights and advocate for women worldwide. The former Chilean President was described by Charlotte Bunch (Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers University) as “an effective leader of great integrity [with a] strong commitment to women’s empowerment and the ability to shape gender equality policies in a variety of areas.”

Furthermore, the Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR) Campaign is incredibly pleased with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s decision. GEAR is a global network of over 300 women’s, human rights and social justice groups that view gender equality as a crucial component of development, human rights, humanitarian concerns, peace and security. Additionally, GEAR focuses on consolidating and streamlining the various entities of the United Nations (e.g. UN Development Fund for Women, Division for the Advancement of Women, etc.) to effectively deliver on their commitments. 

This decision revitalizes the role of UN women in providing new vision and hope to progress society. The GEAR Campaign will support its leadership and maintain visibility throughout the transitional period and beyond. Read more about the GEAR campaign on their website and continue to support women worldwide! Check out the Global Goods Partners website  to learn more about how a purchase can alleviate poverty, promote social justice, and impact women around the world!


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