[Event] Pakistan-Themed Ice Cream Making Class with Guerrilla Ice Cream

Last night’s ice cream making class with Guerrilla Ice Cream (GIC) was a great success! More than fifteen people crowded into the elegant conference room at the Urban Justice Center to learn ice cream tips and tricks from GIC’s executive chef Ethan Frisch and find out more about Global Goods Partners’ work in Pakistan. The evening was fun and informational, and all proceeds went to a timely cause: flood relief in Pakistan.

In between making delectable sorbet and kulfi bases, GGP’s Jennifer Gootman told everyone all about our two great Pakistani partners, Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA) and Aik Hunar Aik Nagar (AHAN). PODA provides Pakistani women in rural Punjab with educational opportunities and health services, encouraging them to participate in advocacy. They incorporate income-generating programs into their work, employing women in the production of lavish hand-painted papier mâché gift boxes. AHAN, a non-profit organization sponsored by the Pakistani government, seeks to provide employment and fair trade to often-marginalized groups such as women and the landless poor; they support all of Pakistan’s unique craft traditions. At GGP, we were inspired by their beautifully hand-embroidered bangles and clutches; check back on our website to see when they’ll be available!

Of course, the ice cream was the true focus of the evening. In addition to the aromatic chai tea sorbet base (green tea spiced with cardamom, saffron, star anise, and cinnamon) and the sweetly fruity mango kulfi, participants had the chance to taste some of GIC’s standard flavors. We began with their Chai Masala ice cream (inspired by India’s Red Corridor movement) and refreshed our palates with the Czech Republic’s Velvet Underground Lemon-Poppy seed flavor before progressing to the highlight of the evening: a 72% Chocolate and Port Wine ice cream capturing the ethos of the Libertação movement in Guinea-Bissau. Bliss.

The event smoothly tied GGP’s social justice initiatives to GIC’s politically-motivated ice cream, making for a great opportunity to network and, perhaps, set the stage for future collaborations.


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