[Intern Picks] Alexa shares her favorite GGP items!

Hey everyone! I’m Alexa, one of three interns here at GGP. It’s one of the last days in the office and we are all very sad to leave. I feel very lucky to have been an intern for Global Goods Partners this summer. With so many internships asking students to staple papers and make excel spreadsheets, I have been lucky enough to take on responsibilities of my own this summer. It’s been both refreshing and eye-opening. I’ve learned more in 3 months about one organization than I ever thought I could.

Now, at the end of summer, I come to you with my favorite products;  and let me tell you, I have many. I would often come to the office and try on different GGP necklaces and/or parade around in different color scarves depending on my mood.

These are my favorite scarves:

Of all the colors, the yellow one is to die for; the maroon embroidery is bold and detailed. The scarf is long and wide, so I can create a lot of volume around my neck to stay warm in the winter, or just toss it around my shoulders for the warmer days. Also, the material is so incredibly soft, I could wear it everyday.

I love this scarf for nearly the same reasons at the yellow one described above. The embroidery is so intricate that I feel quite special wearing it. I love scarves!

In addition to being a scarf love, I happen to be a bangle queen. My friends always know when I’m coming down the hall, because I’m always jingling. They’re great accessories! Below are some of my favorite bangles from GGP—which was very hard to do!!

Last, but certainly not least, the the Circular Tagua Necklace and from Columbia.

From the first day I entered the office, I’ve always had my eye on it; it has a green/blue color that changes with the light. Also, the craftsmanship of this necklace is incredible. You can wear it at a variety of lengths and with so many outfits—casual t-shirt with jeans or a simple black dress, like I have in the office and out.

Naturally, I’ve purchased all of these items. I simply cannot resist accessories and jewelry. But, furthermore, I have realized that in addition to purchasing such unique and truly exquisite pieces, I am helping women around the world live a better life. I have now become a much more socially conscious consumer, with many thanks to Global Goods Partners.

Be sure to check out the website to find your favorite items! Also, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to learn about upcoming events and discounts!


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