Rwanda Girls Initiative

When Global Goods Partners posted “The Girl Effect,” another great organization left a comment. A representative from Rwanda Girls Initiative  reached out and shared their mission.

“Educate a Girl. Inspire a Community. Transform a Country” is the tagline of Rwanda Girls Initiative. This powerful statement is supported by a model that includes sustainable schools and strong partnerships. Rwanda Girls Initiative turns towards education as a foundation to empower women and sustain independence.

To learn more about their organization, their history, foundation and model, check out their website! You can also follow them on Twitter  and Like their Page on Facebook.

At the moment, Rwanda Girls Initiative is in the running to win $20,000 from Chase and its Community Giving; imagine how many girls will be educated with this amount! Chase is awarding this donation to the top 200 local charities. Although voting closed at 11:59:59 AM EST on Monday, July 12th you can always support Rwanda Girls Initiative by visiting their website and getting involved.

Two good friends started Global Goods Partners to provide a socially conscious school fundraising alternative; another two good friends founded Rwanda Girls Initiative to provide an education for all children. Ultimately, we all recognize the importance of empowering and investing in women and girls around the world.

Learn more about the positive impacts of both organizations by checking out the websites!


2 thoughts on “Rwanda Girls Initiative

  1. It is inspiring to two stories of a pair of women coming together to do incredible things. How inspiring! I believe the best way to women’s advancement is through education and empowerment–and these organizations are at the forefront of that trend. Bravo!

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