The Launch of Okay Africa!

This past Sunday, July 11th, Okay Africa launched their music site with African-influenced hip-hop, reggae, electronic, and indie-rock performances. The Roots, Talib Kweli, Baja + The Dry Eye Crew and many other musicians participated in the event. The event was presented by Celebrate Brooklyn and was held at The Band Shell in Prospect Park. Be sure to check out the links to read more about it!

What really made this event special for Global Goods Partners was the involvement of Sahr Ngaugah, the star of FELA! on Broadway. In 2009, GGP’s South African partner—Streetwires—crafted beautiful, custom-made key chains to mark the opening of FELA!

FELA! shares the story of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s controversial and multi-faceted life as an artist, political activist and musician. The audience is moved by the story with its beats from jazz, funk and African music. Learn more about FELA! from their website and blog.

There are a variety of ways that art can create positive social change around the world. Off the stage, check out the unique key chains, jewelry and accessories from Streetwires—a partner of Global Goods Partners—on our website. Your fair trade purchase creates and supports sustainable employment opportunities for men and women in South Africa.


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