Why women’s empowerment is something you should ‘stomach’

In the U.S, years of tireless efforts by gender equality activists have elevated the rights of women by leaps and bounds. While the average U.S. woman’s salary is still a fraction of that of her male counterparts, we are often incognizant of the degree to which a lack of income-earning opportunities is the reality for the majority of women in this world. 

A recent article brilliantly demonstrates that this reality not only affects us, but unless reforms are made, our future food supply will be severely threatened. Studies show that women produce nearly 80% of the food supply yet own only 2% of the land. This statistic is indicative of the barriers women in much of the developing world face in taking ownership of their own economic fate. Unless something is done to address this injustice, limitations in food supply will surely arise and this will no longer be an issue that should concern us, it will be a concern for all of us.

In response, the Rural Development Institute has recently launched the Global Center for Women’s Land Rights in order to create global policy reform. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed this issue at the G-8, sharing that the Obama Administration would include this issue as a key component of its international agricultural initiatives. She stressed the importance of investing in women as a means of creating lasting change.

To learn more about an organization which is investing in women to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable economic development check out Global Goods Partners.



One thought on “Why women’s empowerment is something you should ‘stomach’

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