The Extra Treat of Trick-or-Treating

Last week, millions of U.S. children trick-or-treated for candy. In Indonesia, the Melati 12 go out in search of candy wrappers all year round. Sugary treats are the bane of dentistry in the U.S., but in Indonesia candy wrappers are the link to nutrition. How could this be?!?

In Jakarta, Indonesia the Melati 12 earn a living by collecting what others discard. The Melati 12, in connection with Mercy Corps Indonesia, collect candy wrappers and laundry pouches. They transform trash into treasures and create sustainable livelihoods in the process. The discarded candy wrappers and laundry pouches escape the landfill and instead are given new life through masterful transformation into eyeglass cases, cell phone cases and durable bags. Take a look:

Aside from the sustainable livelihood that results from their craftsmanship and ingenuity, the Melati 12’s work actually has ‘health’ benefits. The Melati 12 are aligned with a Mercy Corps Indonesia initiative dedicated to addressing improvements in nutrition and health for children under five, and promoting environmental campaigns such as improved water sanitation and waste management.

Candy has never tasted sweeter!


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