Equality in a Stitch: How Embroidery is a Vehicle to Mayan Gender Equality

“El Hombre Sobre la Tierra (HST)” is one of Global Goods Partners newest Community-Based Organizations. This organization is located in the Yucatan and provides assistance to Mayan women—arguably Mexico’s most marginalized and restricted people.

The practice of embroidery has a long history within the Mayan culture and thanks to “El Hombre Sobre la Tierra” cultural preservation and increased rights for women go hand-in-hand. This organization provides women with transportation and a means of earning a living in an environment where women are generally barred from even leaving the home.  

HST also provides Mayan women with small irrigation plots so that they can compete with men in the male-dominated agriculture industry.  These women are taught sustainable agricultural practices, replacing the damaging practice of slash and burn agriculture.

In addition to providing economic opportunities HST is in the process of opening a community center, which will empower women to participate politically in the Mayan Community. Wow, talk about a top stitch!



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