Franken Makes 60: Let’s Get to Work

After eight long months of legal battles and recounts, Al Franken will finally be seated in the United States Senate.  That pushes the Democrats up to 60 seats, the magic,  filibuster-proof number that means it’s time to kick-butt and take names. What should be first on the Democrats’ to-do list?  How about supporting women and girls in Afghanistan. (Ok, maybe not first–health care is pretty important–but definitely top ten.) 

California Democrat Barbara Boxer is about to introduce The Afghan Women Empowerment Act (S. 229), a piece of legislation that will:

“provide critical resources for Afghan women for literacy education, technical and vocational training and health care services that would reduce maternal and infant mortality. The bill will also fund programs to protect women and girls against sexual and physical abuse, abduction, trafficking, exploitation, and includes emergency shelters for women and girls who face danger from violence.”  

Sign this pledge on (sponsored by the U.N. Foundation) to tell your Senator to co-sponsor the act today.








P.S.  Al Franken can draw a perfect recreation of the United States.  Watch this video, it will blow your mind. 


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