Fair Trade Local, Reporting for Duty

Greetings!  This is Fair Trade Local’s first post, and it seems only proper to start with an introduction. So without further ado…

Fair Trade Local is the official “community action blog” for Global Goods Partners (GGP), an NYC-based fair trade organization.  And to be honest, our name says it all.  We strive to bring fair trade activism to the LOCAL level; to your kitchen, your classroom, your neighborhood, your parties, heck—even to your bathrooms.  (It’s called 100% recycled toilet paper, folks, and you better get used to it.)

Every day we’ll provide you, our loving readers, with posts on how to live a fair trade, green, socially conscious life.  We’ll also provide comprehensive, digestible info about trade legislation, economic development debates, interviews with movement leaders, updates from our partner artisans and anything else you may want to know about fair trade and ethical consumption.  Also realize that we’re here for you.  If you have a good idea for a blog post, or think we’re not covering a certain issue sufficiently, please speak up. 

As you eagerly await our second post, take some time to browse through the section headers at the top of this blog.  We’ve compiled great information about fair trade and economic development in our “study up” section, and provided an utterly compelling list of actions you can take in “take local action.”  Also make note of our “donation” and “calendar” pages—two areas we hope you’ll be visiting often.

Thanks for visiting Fair Trade Local.  We hope to see you around the site! 

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